Salesforce outage continues in some parts of the US

A emblem on the entrance of the Moscone Middle in San Francisco.


Martyn Williams

The over 12-hour disruption used to be the result of a database failure on the NA14 instance, which continued to operate in a degraded state Wednesday morning

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// clone Related Stories module to return in after eighth para in article body for Mobile breakpoint display
var $relatedStories = $(‘.Related-promo-wrapper’);
if ($relatedStories.size)
var $relatedStoriesClone = $relatedStories.clone();
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// For Mobile simplest, Position Advert after 2d paragraph.
if (firstMobileAdHtml)
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if (debug)
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with an immediately preceding small or medium picture left Steer Clear Of.
if (!isLeftAvoid($(this)) && noPrevFigures($(this)) )
leftPlacementIndex = $(this).index();
$leftPlacementElement = $(this);
leftPlacementLookaheadStart = cumulativeHeight;
if (debug)
console.log(“just isn’t a left Keep Away From and no prev figures. ########## set placementIndex (“+leftPlacementIndex+”) and lookaheadStart (“+leftPlacementLookaheadStart+”) ##########”);

if (debug)
console.log(“is a left Keep Away From or has previous figures. continue”);

if (debug)
console.log(“#### leftPlacementIndex already set to “+leftPlacementIndex+”. taking a look BEFOREHAND…”);

//Not null; has been set
if ((cumulativeHeight – leftPlacementLookaheadStart) > leftIntervalHeight)
if (debug)
console.log(“###### THRESHOLD REACHED. LOOKAHEAD COMPLETE. Finish ###### (cumulativeHeight – leftPlacementLookaheadStart) (“+(cumulativeHeight-leftPlacementLookaheadStart)+”) > leftIntervalHeight (“+leftIntervalHeight+”).”);

return false;
if (debug)
console.log(“threshold Not reached: (cumulativeHeight – leftPlacementLookaheadStart) (“+(cumulativeHeight-leftPlacementLookaheadStart)+”) tags
if (!(isLeftAvoid($(this)) && ($(this).hasClass(‘small’)

if (leftPlacementIndex != null && elementNotNearEnd($leftPlacementElement, leftPixelWindow))
if (debug)
console.log(” insert into index “+leftPlacementIndex);

$(“#drr-container”).youngsters().eq(leftPlacementIndex).prior to(“



// Add Right rail module content
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