Dear Silicon Valley: Stop saying stupid stuff

By on May 12, 2016

“Disruption” is not the identical as “stupid,” However they sometimes sound similar. At The Least, they do when uttered by way of a undeniable pressure of Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

This thought struck me while being attentive to a Valley exec at an undertaking tool convention. He stumbled via PowerPoint (“How do you individuals use this app? I’m a Keynote man”), agonized over how he might “probably get used to interchange after working his startup on Gmail” (his company had not too long ago been acquired through a big software supplier), and typically made it clear that he had no idea how real firms work.

He lives in a bubble that has drones turning in tacos to Those not already subsisting on Soylent. He wants to alter enterprise computing, However he naturally has no appreciation for the challenges dealing with corporations mired in a long time of technical debt.

He’s, in other words, either the worst or best possible particular person to alter the sector. (My vote: worst.)

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