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By on September 16, 2014

Giant Brother housemate Lisa unearths her job as supervisor and emcee of a strip membership. Courtesy: Large Brother, 9 Community. has gone in the back of the scenes of and nabbed an exclusive interview with the mysterious, Large Brother.

Big Brother housemate Jake.

Giant Brother housemate Jake. Supply: News Corp Australia

THEY’VE best been in there for simply over every week, however we’ve already copped a have a look at way more than we bargained for within the Giant Brother home.

In report time, the sexual tension between the housemates has reached boiling level — boys pashing ladies, ladies straddling boys, girls hooking up with different ladies in the spa. We’re beginning to miss the early days of the ‘Dancing Doona’ — at least the lewd antics were restricted to the bed room.

Spa shenanigans: If they just removed the bloody hot tub, that might cool the waters a bi

Spa shenanigans: If they only eliminated the bloody sizzling bath, that would possibly cool the waters a bit of. Source: News Corp Australia

For Many Who had been shunning this season of 9’s reality TELEVISION exhibit, enable me to quick convey you up to the mark.

• We Have 16 housemates (no one has been eliminated but), of which 14 are without difficulty unattached.

• The BB home is brimming with self-confessed show ponies, easily flaunting their sculpted biceps and bikini bods for the 50 cameras installed all through the two-storey pad.

• The Home now has a fishbowl constructed in the backyard which housemates get shoved in, from time to time overnight.

• There’s also a tree house for housemates to gossip in.

• Thus Far, Skye and Jake have locked lips, as have Ryan and Katie, Aisha and Travis, and Skye and Aisha.

• They’ve additionally received a limited price range, which is managed through two housemates at a time, which means people are continuously speaking about money and food.

• We’ve witnessed tears from at least one housemate each night, most not too long ago after David informed the boys that he finds Lisa’s breasts “unattractive”, which in fact she overheard.

What. The. F*ck?

Then she kissed Aisha.

Then she kissed Aisha. Source: Provided

Skye pashed “her crush”, Jake.

Skye pashed “her crush”, Jake. Supply: Channel 9

Not To mention, the exhibit-and-inform nightmare that’s Large Brother isn’t proving to be moderately the ratings blockbuster that Nine has celebrated in recent years. Monday evening’s episode managed 817,000 viewers, while Sunday evening barely scraped into the top 20 presentations for the night, with just 432,000 tuning in.

Nine has copped plenty of flak from dejected viewers over the gaudy types they selected to throw in The Home this yr, and it’s displaying within the early outcomes.

Which begs the query — what exactly is the purpose of it all?

Already Big Brother BFFs, Skye and Aisha.

Already Giant Brother BFFs, Skye and Aisha. Supply: News Corp Australia

Indubitably our tastes as viewers have progressed past wanting to keep up with the day-to-day drama that goes on within this truth TELEVISION torture chamber? We want to see our contestants work towards an end purpose and be rewarded for showcasing some sort of talent (MasterChef, The Voice, DWTS), no longer gallivanting round in a constrained area like a bunch of untamed animals.

Sure, one could argue that the lure of Big Brother is the brilliant pot of gold on the end of the rainbow, however does this mean all of us have to sit down around and watch the clowns struggle it out underneath the large prime prior to we reach the curtain closer?

It Seems That so.

And their getting their base tan on ... again. Riveting stuff.

And their getting their base tan on … once more. Riveting stuff. Supply: Information Corp Australia

17-12 months-previous schoolgirl me would possibly, might, have been mildly fascinated about staring at these super single, super assured, semi-clothed reality “stars” playing around on nationwide television while I Try To eat my dinner, but the reasonably grown-up viewer is ever hopeful that we’ll be treated to More. Extra substance, More diversity, More genuine relationships shaped, More progression between the sexes beyond males discussing girls’s property in public.

And Extra clothing. Thanks, Big Brother.

Three in the bed, and the odd one out said ...

Three in the bed, and the unusual one out mentioned … Source: News Corp Australia

Well, this is awkward ...

Neatly, that is awkward … Source: Information Corp Australia

Giant Brother continues tonight, Eight.40pm on 9. Entertainment

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