‘Thank god they finished boarding’

By on April 7, 2013

Air Bridge Collapse

An air bridge at Hong Kong airport has collapsed. Picture: Twitter

AN air bridge has reportedly collapsed at Hong Kong’s airport ripping the door from a Cathay Pacific aircraft and injuring at least one person.

The L2 air bridge at Gate Seventy One collapsed simply after boarding, injuring the bridge operator.

Stories say Cathay Pacific Flight 532, an Airbus A330, used to be beginning to ward off when the bridge collapsed and fell to the ground. The falling bridge ripped the door off of the jet.

“Thank god they finished boarding when the accident happened,” JALPak wrote on Flyer discuss,  an internet pilot discussion board.

in step with Flyer discuss, the Cathay flight has been delayed apart from day after today. Hong Kong Airport Authority has requested airways to make use of single air bridge operation in the intervening time. 

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