Tax adviser denies Hoges rip-off

By on April 18, 2013

Paul Hogan

Studies this week mentioned actor Paul Hogan’s US attorneys had filed bureaucracy with a California courtroom to retrieve $ 32 million they allege was once once misappropriated. Source: Herald Solar

THE alleged mastermind of Australia’s finest tax evasion scheme has broken his silence to insist he has no longer ripped off Crocodile Dundee actor Paul Hogan.

British tax adviser Philip Egglishaw spoke briefly with the Herald Solar to disclaim claims he has taken off with $ 32 million belonging to Hogan.

“My firm is regulated, externally audited and operates openly in Switzerland,” he mentioned in a commentary given to the Herald Sun.

“The accusations made in the media this week that I or my agency have stolen or inappropriately handled consumer cash are totally false and vehemently denied.”

Experiences this week mentioned Hogan’s US criminal professionals had filed bureaucracy with a California courtroom to retrieve $ 32 million they allege was misappropriated with the aid of Mr Egglishaw’s company Geneva-based company Strachans.

Mr Egglishaw and his former Strachans industry partner, Philip de Figueiredo, are goals of Operation Wickenby, the massive joint probe via the use of the Australian Tax Administrative Center and the Australian Crime Price into a cosmopolitan world tax scam.

The investigation has ensnared Australian enjoyment identities along with music promoter Glenn Wheately.
Mr de Figueiredo is serving two and a 1/2 of years penal complex for conspiring to defraud the commonwealth.

Mr Egglishaw, who’s the topic of an international arrest warrant, says he intends to satisfy his tax obligations in Australia.

“We’re strictly following recommendation got from our Australian QCs to succeed in an outcome adequate to our customers and the Australian authorities to permit repatriation of bucks to Australia ensuring that each one due taxes are met,” he stated.

He made the remarks in a commentary, signed and dated April 17. He would not take questions. He’s believed to be in Switzerland. Money

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