‘Security incident’ on Boston flight

By on April 16, 2013

Boston flight

A show snatch of WBZ’s coverage of the incident at Boston’s Logan Airport. Supply: Equipped

a safety incident on a passenger jet at Boston’s Logan was once now not related to Monday’s bombings, say police.

america Federal Aviation Administration mentioned there had been some roughly Safety incident on a passenger jet at Boston’s Logan Airport alternatively State Police say the incident simply is not related to Monday’s bombings, stories CBS.

US Airways Flight 1716 from Philadelphia landed at the airport and may well be considered on the tarmac with what gave the look of baggage beside it, WBZ urged.

Spokesperson David Procopio mentioned a piece of bags on the airplane had no longer been checked in Philadelphia that Safety needed to take a look at.

Bloomberg Information stated that one by one the significant terminal of recent York’s LaGuardia Airport had been evacuated due to a suspicious bundle. The evacuation is now over.

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