Report: North Korean restaurant in China turning away South Koreans

By on January 10, 2018

Jan. 10 (UPI) — North Korean restaurants continue to do brisk business in China, regardless of United International Locations Safety Council sanctions that ban the operation of North Korean-owned businesses and the deployment of overseas North Korean people.

A Couple Of of the most important North Korean eating places in Beijing are open and proceed to just accept reservations, South Korean tv network SBS suggested Wednesday.

The network’s Beijing correspondent who investigated one restaurant, Dong Haehae Danghwa, tried to be guided to a desk by way of a North Korean waitress, who firstly greeted him like another guest.

But in hidden camera pictures, the girl quick turns him away when she realizes he is a South Korean nationwide.

The waitress, whose face is blurred out within the video Report, says the establishment “does not serve South Koreans, But in any other case remains operational.”

At a 2d restaurant, Pyongyang Unban, crew reservations are to be had and an undercover reporter is seen being led to non-public rooms that can seat as many as 16 people.

Although U.N. sanctions ban countries from issuing new work visas to North Koreans, the waitresses working in China could also be in the usa on prior to now issued visas which have not reached expiration.

The Nikkei Asian Assessment reported Wednesday eating places within the Chinese Language capital, like the Yuliuguan Korean restaurant, would possibly were operated as a three way partnership between a North Korean entity and a Chinese Language firm.

In Accordance With embargoes, the ownership may have changed, and the current owners’ nationalities could no longer be decided, consistent with the Record.

North Korean dancers and performers will also be exempt from being despatched back home.

One Source who worked at one of the crucial eating places said performers might stay as a part of a “cultural exchange” agreement between China and North Korea.

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