Mystery over ‘eye in the sky’

By on April 8, 2013

Eye in the sky

Dean West’s beautiful shot of the sky. Supply: Supplied

WHAT’S with the attention inside the sky? that is what adelaidenow reader Dean West is asking after taking this beautiful photograph this morning.

Mr West snapped the shot at Fullarton, but is mystified about what exactly he captured.

“Any Person care to tell me what the reason is, its bought me stumped, he mentioned.

For the report, our picture consultants reckon the photograph presentations two jet streams, with the circle in the coronary heart a refraction as the sun hits the digital digicam’s lens.

 The Bureau of Meteorology says the impact is a “halo”.

The optical phenomenon is as a result of the refraction of sunshine via ice crystals in the ambiance, it says.

The impact may also be resulting from the viewpoint of the sun, which must be at 22 levels .

not a special experience, this photo does on the other hand take hold of the contrails from a airplane casting a shadow on the above cirrus cloud – similtaneously with the halo, making it additional different.

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