Margot Robbie says she got ‘carried away’ during ‘I, Tonya’ fight scene

By on December 7, 2017

Dec. 7 (UPI) — Margot Robbie says a battle scene she had together with her co-megastar Sebastian Stan right through the making of I, Tonya ended with her injured and storming faraway from the Movie set.

According To real events and directed by using Craig Gillespie, the dark dramedy chronicles how Tonya Harding transcended a hard-scrabble childhood and stricken marriage to become a two-time Olympic Figure skater, only to have her occupation beaten in 1994 when her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly employed anyone to incapacitate her rival Nancy Kerrigan at the Nationwide Determine Skating Championships.

Talking just lately at a Toronto Global Film Competition press convention, Robbie said her scenes with Stan, who played Jeff, were amongst her favorites in a film she described as “a actually bizarre love story.” 

“There was once the montage Where it leads up to the police being there,” Robbie stated, referring to considered one of Harding and Gillooly’s many violent altercations. “Craig, more or less on the day, was like, ‘Simply kind of do whatever in the moment.’ We bought so carried away that I in reality forgot that we have been on a movie set and that I wasn’t Tonya and that he wasn’t Jeff and we acquired into this huge battle. … It Can Be Now Not in the Film. It didn’t make the minimize as a result of it is in reality severe. But we obtained into this massive battle Where he slams my hand into the door. We acquired into a brawl and, essentially, I Stopped up storming off down the road, which was the top of the set.”

The actress went on to claim Stan ran after her, screaming, “The Place are you going, Margot?”

“And Then I used to be like, ‘I’ll the clinic since you hurt my hand.’ It was once so ridiculous and that i was so caught up in it And Then I Think I punched you in the facet of the pinnacle when you picked me up. Anyhow, it was all loopy. That ended up being my favorite scene as a result of I forgot that I used to be acting totally and i forgot we were on a movie set,” Robbie said with amusing. “Nothing makes me more exhilarated than once I essentially omit The Place I’m.”    

Gillooly wasn’t the only physically and emotionally abusive person in Harding’s lifestyles. The Movie additionally features Allison Janney as the skater’s not possible-to-please mother, a girl who launches a steak knife like a dart into her daughter’s arm all through an argument. 

“Quite A Lot Of dark facets of Allison get to come back out,” Janney stated, calling the position “therapeutic.”

“It was once A Number Of enjoyable, But very simple to [walk away from,] once the scene ended,” she mentioned. “LaVona has Not haunted me. She was a great deal of fun to play and I Have a gentle spot in my coronary heart for her. I Know she is type of difficult to love, But I Believe she actually Just wanted the best for her daughter, which might imply the most effective for her, too. She noticed her daughter as a ticket out of a life she failed to want to be in. But, in the case of doing the acting, it was simple to leave her on the set.”

Co-starring Bobby Cannavale and Julianne Nicholson, I, Tonya opens in U.S. theaters Friday. The Film is up for five Critics’ Choice Awards.

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