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Icelandic app prevents against incest

By on April 18, 2013


New app lets you take a look at if you find yourself about to bjork your cousin. Provide: Provided

A BRAND NEW app out of Iceland notifies people in the event that they could also be about to hop on the great foot and do the unhealthy factor with a relative.

Iceland has a inhabitants of just 320,000 making relationship a fairly dangerous endeavour. As A Result Of most Icelanders descend from the identical domestic tree, the possibility they are bjorking their cousin will increase significantly.

it sounds as if enough time and genetic assimilation has occurred that inbreeding is not an excessive amount of of a topic, thankfully. Then Again assembly your cousin on the opposite facet of the mattress is reportedly all too stylish.

So three engineers have created an app that permits folks to bump telephones before bumping uglies to check whether they may be carefully related.

The app often called “Islendinga-app” comes with a “incest alarm” to alert clients when it is time to shut it down sooner than they do one factor they be apologetic about.

prior to this app, Icelanders may just depend on a web site referred to as Islendingabok to trace their heritage. The website contains a database of each explicit particular person born in Iceland since the 18th century However that can be a bit time consuming. Now which you want to test your heritage on the fly.

iPhone buyers will have to coach a bit bit extra warning, however. The app is best on hand to Android users. Recognize-how Information

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