Hackers take over several HBO Twitter accounts

By on August 17, 2017

Aug. 17 (UPI) — HBO was once once more a hacking victim after its Twitter account was compromised Wednesday evening.

The hack lasted for roughly Forty mnutes until HBO was at last bale to regain control of its account and delete the tweets. During that time, the hacker wrote “OurMine are here, we are just trying out your security.”

The hacker then advised HBO to discuss with its web page to “upgrade the security.”

OurMine also hacked the Twitter bills for HBO presentations, including Game of Thrones and Women.

HBO told NBC Information that “we’re investigating.”

Days prior, hackers got get admission to to a number of unaired episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and launched them on-line.

Even Though it’s no longer but certain if OurMine hacked the HBO Twitter money owed, hackers identifying themselves have been curious about several excessive-profile social media attacks, together with Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Fb CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, BuzzFeed and TechCrunch, pronounced the new york Instances.

The hacking of HBO’s social media got here on the same day the channel accidentally uploaded the subsequent episode of Sport of Thrones to its on-demand carrier in Spain for one hour sooner than it was removed. Via that time, alternatively, the episode used to be already uploaded to more than a few sources online.

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